cleaning throttle body

Posted by: larry

cleaning throttle body - 27/04/14 11:23 AM

Hi, 2004 non-SC; I have a sticking TB and want to use TB cleaner; the can says not to spray on the MAF. Is the MAF in the way? Should it be removed? What is the downside to removal? Any tips for cleaning the TB? Thanks, Larry
Posted by: e207

Re: cleaning throttle body - 27/04/14 04:43 PM

the MAF should be BEFORE the TB. should be a square on the intake housing. as in the image in the link.
Posted by: 52

Re: cleaning throttle body - 29/04/14 07:27 PM

I cleaned mine this winter. I removed the intake tubing, then not wanting to remove the tb kept spraying the fluid on a rag and wiping the butterfly off. I removed a good deal of carbon as well as some skin off of my fingers.
Posted by: e207

Re: cleaning throttle body - 30/04/14 04:24 PM

there is always SeaFoam.