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Off road - 27/07/04 08:11 AM

Hello to all. I am wondering if anyone here happens to know where there are some trails in Jacksonville NC. I got My X int Dec. and have taken out 4 wheeling on the beach once. I am deplyed now but would love to go 4 wheeling when I get back. I thank you all for any info. you have.
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Re: Off road - 27/07/04 09:37 AM

Other then the beach, I think you might be SOL. I don't know of any local spots. Croatan NF may have some light trails.
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Re: Off road - 27/07/04 10:06 PM

I figured I was SOL. Just wanted to make sure. Maybe I can tag along when you all go out as a group somewhere. Thanks again.

[Finger] Jacksonville NC
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Re: Off road - 28/07/04 09:17 AM

That would be cool...

Keep your eye out on our message board over at:

ENCXC Message Board
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Re: Off road - 31/07/04 12:50 PM

maybe the croatan? theres a crapload of trails in there that can be VERY challenging at times...of course, that can be said about anywhere, but there aren't really too many obstacles besides just real deep mudholes. i used to live in havelock (45 mins N of jville) and now live in elizabeth city, and spent most weekends OBX on some trails behind the dunes between corolla and the va state line. drop me a line if you wanna do some drivin up there when you get back. email me for my # if you want it bro ~
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Re: Off road - 31/07/04 07:14 PM

Hey thanks Xcitan. Will def. get up with you. Get back in Sep. so maybe around Nov. Still have to go get my X from Cali. Once again dude thanks. cool
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Re: Off road - 16/03/05 04:10 PM

yeah the last post was a yeah ago...

anyone still around jacksonville?

I was actually looking for places to go myself. Just got my X about 5 months ago. Love it.

I guess I'll check out the encxc forum.