Seattle area meet-n-greet

Posted by: Paco Pico

Seattle area meet-n-greet - 08/02/07 10:32 PM

PNWX will be having a Pizza and beer get together tuesday night the 13th of February 6:30PM, at the spot tavern in Renton. Good food and good company are in order for the evening. Sorry for the short notice!

The Spot Tavern, 4224 East valley rd. 98055 425-251-8053

PM me if you have any Q's

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Seattle area meet-n-greet - 10/02/07 09:53 AM

I'd like to come but i work in monroe and live in snhomish so making it there most likely not gonna happen specially during the week????...Well keep me in the loop would be nice to meet up with other people with X's
Posted by: Paco Pico

Re: Seattle area meet-n-greet - 12/02/07 01:51 PM

No worries, there will be future meetings on an approximately "monthly" basis.