79' VW Bug

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79' VW Bug - 06/01/04 04:56 PM

Anyone in the Texas area interested in one. It's a one of a kind! 79', convertable, ac, manual, all origonal parts and paint. Only 54k on the origonal motor, cant beat that! Always garage kept. No problems of any kind. A steal for a real Bug lover. Selling to make room in the garage, and to pass on the joy of owning a bug!

These arent the best pics in the world but I can get pics of whatever you might want to see! Parents just told me about the sell and I asked if I could post it on here and they were game so these are the few quick snaps i took of it in the garage.

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Re: 79' VW Bug - 06/01/04 05:00 PM

Wow. That is a nice looking ride. What are they asking for it?
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Re: 79' VW Bug - 06/01/04 05:06 PM

They want $7,000. It hasn't been up for sale yet around here, so you all have first dibs on it. Remember hat is all origonal and I do mean the motor, the paint, everything! No problems, runs great, and has only 54k on the origonal motor.

** If anyone would like picks of it out of the garage or pics of anything specific like the motor, and or front trunk let me know. I can get pics of anything you want!**

** I doubt you will find another bug this perfect that hasnt been a full out resto**
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Re: 79' VW Bug - 06/01/04 08:12 PM

hey, nice bug. live in sa, wife and i plan on moving to new braunfels within the next four-five months. couple of us are planning on going to the den in the next couple of weeks to play. give a call on my cell (210)789-3591 or email tschoepe51@hotmail.com.
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Re: 79' VW Bug - 06/01/04 09:32 PM

Thanks for pointing me towards Samba!

I no longer have an X, but there are a few guys on here in the san antonio area that would go with you im sure. Make a post when the time comes and im sure youll get a crowd together.
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Re: 79' VW Bug - 08/01/04 07:47 PM

More pics to maybe stir up interest!

The vin: 1592042285

The bug was made on 11/79

Father said it has been repainted, but is origioal color.

Here are the pics,

Just let me know!

Or call the pops at 210-408-0776 and ask for Curt