2006 X with 135k.....getting the +45MPH Shudder

Posted by: TJe153

2006 X with 135k.....getting the +45MPH Shudder - 23/02/17 09:15 AM

I know, this has been covered to death in multiple forums, but what I haven't found is a flowchart for diagnosing and fixing this issue.

I took this to my local mechanic, and he informed me to drive it with the Overdrive off and see what happens. Depending on the frequency of the shudder, it may be just a reset (or flash) of the computer, or a replacement of the Torque Converter. Since taking his advice, no shudder.

However, now I'm reading about the strawberry milkshake problem and having radiator coolant going into the transmission and ruining the whole damn thing.

Should I check these fluids first for color and consistency? What is the first step here. I'm getting confused.

Thanks gang!