BFG Mut Terrain T/A KM vs KM2

Posted by: Hawk

BFG Mut Terrain T/A KM vs KM2 - 17/08/11 10:41 AM

Hey all....Haven't really posted much since the original XOC went down. Still can't get used to this new format, but I'm in dire need of some tire input.

For the past 7 years and 108000 miles +/-, I've been running a set of BFG Mud Terrain T/A KM. I know that that's a LONG time for tires, but they still have 1/4" of tread left, and I had my tire guy rotate them religiously and check them each and every season I've had them.

I'm in Northern Illinois where the Winters are VERY hard on roads and lots of potholes pop up each Spring. I've been lucky until this Sspring when I hit a pothole and put 2 3" gashes into one of my tires. It's time to invest in new shoes. The problem is this.....with the wear I've had, I'd LOVE to get another set of the KM's. Unfortunately, BFG has discontinued the KM's and replaced them with the KM2. According to their site, they are essentially the same tire, but with a different tread pattern (I'm not too keen on the new tread pattern). That being said, I have a few questions.....

Has anyone had both the KM and KM2 tires? Which one did you like better?

Is anyone running the KM2 tires now? How do you like them?

What about the BFG All Terrain T/A vs the KM2? Any thoughts on that?

Thanks guys....Hopefully, I'll troll the boards more often than in the past....
Posted by: Russ Coalmer

Re: BFG Mut Terrain T/A KM vs KM2 - 22/08/11 09:04 AM

Just bought a set of Cooper Discover At3s. Not a true mud tire, but a decent all-terrain tread. Great value, $687 at a local shop. Cooper also makes the ST MAXX, with a more aggressive tread. Good luck pricing around.
Posted by: Hawk

Re: BFG Mut Terrain T/A KM vs KM2 - 24/08/11 12:18 PM

Thanks for the input Russ. I would really like to stick with the BFG's just because I've had such good luck with them. There was a Cooper tire that I had my eye on. I think it was the Cooper Discoverer STT. Also considering the Goodyear Wrangler MT/R, but they were just a bit pricey.