Midwest ages

Posted by: Excelagator

Midwest ages - 12/12/03 08:04 PM

Just wondering what is everyone's age in Midwest Forum???
Posted by: Excelagator

Re: Midwest ages - 12/12/03 08:06 PM

I'm 36!! Yeah Yeah.... gray hair and everything
laugh Dan
Posted by: Xterra Kid 2003

Re: Midwest ages - 12/12/03 09:21 PM

16 almost 17, who wants to buy me some beer?? :p [Uh Oh !] Alright 17 now!
Posted by: jwessx

Re: Midwest ages - 12/12/03 09:44 PM

32 and not getting any younger
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Midwest ages - 13/12/03 02:46 AM

I'll be 29 the day after Christmas...
Posted by: TrialsX

Re: Midwest ages - 13/12/03 03:17 AM

28 yrs, 6'3" 200lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, likes long walks on the beach.... [Spit]
Posted by: Mapman

Re: Midwest ages - 13/12/03 10:07 AM

Nice TrailsX... [LOL]

30, but if you ask my wife it's more like 10.
Posted by: pinoy

Re: Midwest ages - 13/12/03 12:11 PM

Born date: October, 1969
Posted by: Lincoln

Re: Midwest ages - 13/12/03 12:19 PM

I am 25, and like EAP...I act like I am 3...but screw em! You gotta have some fun, sometimes at other peoples expense! wink
Posted by: CMorHiker

Re: Midwest ages - 13/12/03 01:02 PM

The old-timer -- 58 -- retired and loving it!
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Midwest ages - 14/12/03 01:05 PM

28 years young. laugh
Posted by: IUScott

Re: Midwest ages - 15/12/03 06:17 AM

Posted by: bpdA

Re: Midwest ages - 15/12/03 08:24 AM

25 Here...seems pretty common at the XOC
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Midwest ages - 15/12/03 08:41 AM


well ...almost 28 actually(2 months)
Posted by: maximusdelirious

Re: Midwest ages - 15/12/03 09:52 AM

holy crap I feel old, and smell that way too, LOL. I am the second oldest.

39 yrs, 5'10" 252lbs, brownish hair(what's left), blue eyes, likes to eat things on the beach during long walks.... *BuRp* Mmmmmmm forbiden shellfish....... aarrrrllllgggaaargle

Posted by: Western Brewer

Re: Midwest ages - 16/12/03 10:13 AM

26 here too.
Posted by: tcdesign

Re: Midwest ages - 16/12/03 11:44 AM

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Midwest ages - 16/12/03 11:59 AM

27 going on 5, like lots of toys.... ehh I mean tools. 6'2 235 laugh
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Midwest ages - 16/12/03 01:48 PM

So its looking like the average age range in the Midwest for X owners is right around 30ish.... [ThumbsUp]
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Midwest ages - 21/12/03 07:56 PM

35 Yrs. Young............. cool
Posted by: altima

Re: Midwest ages - 27/12/03 07:07 AM

33 and tired...

Posted by: Excelagator

Re: Midwest ages - 27/12/03 05:49 PM

Dude your wife has nice legs! [Spit]
Posted by: Paul H

Re: Midwest ages - 28/12/03 02:38 PM

27 here. Feel young :p
Posted by: Close1

Re: Midwest ages - 02/01/04 08:09 AM

23 yrs old
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Midwest ages - 18/01/04 08:27 PM

Let me bump up the average a bit... 35, just. still have my hair, for the most part.

My wife is 28. Met her about 12 years ago [Spit] You do the math... The hand that robbed the cradle???

We just had our first child, he is just 3 months. Hard finding a car seat with a roll cage, but I'm still looking!!! Once I find one my wife might, just might, let me introduce him the fine art of four wheeling before he is five!!! [ThumbsUp]
Posted by: smudog

Re: Midwest ages - 19/01/04 11:39 AM

I'll lower the average. I'm 22 for a few months yet.

Posted by: Sloth

Re: Midwest ages - 19/01/04 01:20 PM

I'll be 35 in March...
Posted by: Ridgeback

Re: Midwest ages - 23/01/04 12:28 PM

Holy crap, your all a bunch of kids. I'm 40 act 25.
Posted by: Green Machine

Re: Midwest ages - 27/01/04 07:11 PM

Sorry but I'm going to have to bump that average age up a bit, and Maximus down a notch. 44 going on 29 [Smoking]
Posted by: BMX

Re: Midwest ages - 28/01/04 10:10 AM

24 here
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Midwest ages - 29/01/04 09:23 PM

Will be 29 in June.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Midwest ages - 06/02/04 09:13 AM

Will be 26 next month... and after parusing... I'm feeling quite alone here in Ohio... *sigh*