Former MXO members....

Posted by: Hawk

Former MXO members.... - 19/04/14 09:24 AM

So, who is still around from the MXO days? I've been dormant on the forums, but also haven't been off-road since I rolled my X back in 2007. I still have it and may be looking to get it off road again before I get rid of it....
Posted by: duggie76

Re: Former MXO members.... - 24/04/14 07:01 AM

Believe it or not I just rejoined! I was in on/at the first MXO with my 02 Xterra. just bought an 05 with 58k miles on it. looks like there have been some losses/fights along the way. let me know whats going on. ROLL CALL! smile
Posted by: slantyshanty

Re: Former MXO members.... - 24/04/14 07:12 PM

I would be if it still existed. In Gaylord (for the next few months anyway).
Posted by: Hawk

Re: Former MXO members.... - 24/04/14 10:18 PM

Duggie, this wouldn't happen to be your '02, would it?

Posted by: pinoy

Re: Former MXO members.... - 26/04/14 09:23 PM

That's actually mine, well the one in the background that is. smile
Posted by: granitex

Re: Former MXO members.... - 01/05/14 01:55 PM

There are still some of us around from time to time.