Suggestions for A/C vacuum pumping.

Posted by: 01Blk2

Suggestions for A/C vacuum pumping. - 07/05/10 09:08 AM

I'm low on $$$ and need to have my A/C system vaccum pumped and filled. Does anyone in the phoenix area know of any place I get this done with little expense?
Posted by: Luke

Re: Suggestions for A/C vacuum pumping. - 08/05/10 05:07 PM

1. I HIGHLY recommend Auto-Lab at 3401 W. Greenway Road in Phoenix just west of the I17. 602-993-1553. Owner Billy Moore is an incredible mechanic, honest as the day is long and helpful beyond belief knowing how bad things are in the world for people financially right now too. He figured out my problem working with me to get my X through inspection in March doing some trouble shooting for $$ and helping me resolve the issue myself. Autolab is attached to the KMart but not part of KMart. Tell him you read about him in the Xterra Club website. He'll also get you aftermarket parts as well as factory if asked.

2. If you're handy, check out a vacuum pump from any Autozone (check out means you pay for the pump on and then they refund all the $$ after you return it. If you can't front the $$, maybe have family or friend do it for you). Then, suck down the system and refill. But, you need to fix the problem first. With many Xterra's (1st Gen) its easy to figure out what pipe is leaking hi or lo and unbolt it and replace. Autozone often carries the non-factory replacements cheaper). You'll need 134 freon.

3. Pep Boys is cheap and easy to get in and out in AZ if Autolab is too far to go. Also very honest place (the one on Bell Road and 20th something street). They'll check your system for you (costs $$ for the freon to do so). YOu can then repair it yourself and return for a recharge.