Ken Garff Nissan Riverdale, UTAH

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Ken Garff Nissan Riverdale, UTAH - 18/01/08 09:39 AM

Just want to chime in my experience with KG Nissan at Riverdale Utah. I've been dealing with them for several years now and have good experiences with these guys. Lately I took my 2003 Xterra for an oil change and also to check the coolant/anti-freeze smell. Well the service tech found out I had a blown head gasket. Service advisor called me up at work and told me it will cost me $1800 bucks to fix it. But I told them that I'll have to defer the maintenance and park it until I'm financially able to support it. Well the service advisor called a few minutes later and told me the good news that my truck is still under the powertrain warranty....whoopi doo!!! I told them to press forward and fix it. KG Nissan even got me a rental while the truck was in the shop for 3.5 days. Now the X is running smoothly again (feels like its got a new engine) and my daily driver. Kudos to the people at KG Nissan for checking their system and the follow up....considering my powertrain warranty is up next month. smile
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Re: Ken Garff Nissan Riverdale, UTAH - 18/01/08 02:30 PM

5 yrs 50K