Where the hell are you guys.

Posted by: imacsae

Where the hell are you guys. - 05/07/04 10:26 PM

Come on you weasels we are within the 20 day mark and there is still no excitement in here. I guess there is a lack of enthusiasm since the numbers attending are so low. I personally love the new format but I can imagine that some of the more mild wheelers are dissapointed that they will not be attending. Of course you guys can catch up to us on the days that we will be in Ouray. Anyway wake up you crazy jackasses. Let's get the ball rollin. We have a week of boozing wheeling and stinkin ahead of us.
Posted by: XOC

Re: Where the hell are you guys. - 05/07/04 11:03 PM

Yes it's somewhat quiet, but what can you expect ? GOX is a much smaller event on a more personal level this year, like a camping trip for old friends. We scouted some of the trails and camping spots over the weekend, and things are looking good for an excellent week of 4 wheeling.

I will be putting up some final information in the next 2 weeks.
Posted by: spooky1

Re: Where the hell are you guys. - 06/07/04 05:10 PM

I am so looking forward to this trip you can't even imagine. I already have all my stuff packed, except for food that is. laugh
Posted by: imacsae

Re: Where the hell are you guys. - 06/07/04 09:07 PM

This time I am trying to expand my camp cooking skills. I have never had a camp stove before so I will be burning many a meal. During the AZ run I ate so many ham and cheese sandwiches I wanted to kill myself. Thank god for marshall and his dutch oven or I would have been eating ham and cheese 3 times a day. Any suggestions or tricks as far as the food thing goes?
Posted by: bn300

Re: Where the hell are you guys. - 07/07/04 07:12 PM

I'll be putting the money I'm not spending by not going towards stock in Warn hubs and Mexican Lager this year. I expect HUGE dividends. And good pics.