Shingle Update

Posted by: therob

Shingle Update - 01/09/10 02:08 PM

My shingle is still up at the Outlaw!

Posted by: XOC

Re: Shingle Update - 01/09/10 02:19 PM

Those were great times.
Posted by: RNTKnives

Re: Shingle Update - 04/09/10 07:40 PM

Where and when does this happen? Are youu guys being asses by keeping it to yourselves?

Posted by: XOC

Re: Shingle Update - 05/09/10 08:58 AM

When the Xterra first came out we had GOX - Gathering of Xterras in Ouray Colorado.

The first year we did it in July (over the 4th) and only had a handful of trucks. Over the next few years it got bigger. We even had an annual chili cook off. From that gathering GONEmoab was born.

There is a bar in Ouray called The Outlaw and there are shingles that you buy and nail to the wall after you decorate them. So this was an update that the shingles we placed there are still there waiting for us to come back to visit them.

Chilly Willy anyone?
Posted by: therob

Re: Shingle Update - 28/09/10 12:57 PM

I won this particular shingle by beating Ivan in the shot taking race. Five shots in 5 seconds!....

... I don't feel as proud of that as I once was.... does that make me grown up?