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Fireworks - 29/12/07 03:03 PM

My kids are in town for the holidays and would like to see some fireworks. I have heard of a display that is put out over the Delaware river in Burlington/Camden county. Does anyone here know of one that I could take them. We live in Palmyra and don't really want to go too far.

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Re: Fireworks - 29/12/07 03:13 PM

Not sure what fireworks you are referring to, for New Years Eve? You could check with the local paper, the Burlington County Times and see if there are any places doing fireworks.

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Re: Fireworks - 30/12/07 08:10 AM

Found what I was looking for. Penns Landing has a fireworks display at the Ben Franklin bridge every year for New Years Eve. It is supposed to be the largest in the country. Thanks for loooking though.
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Re: Fireworks - 31/12/07 07:20 AM

Enjoy the "WORKS" the show is AWESOME