Moab Rim - goneMOAB 2010

Posted by: Alpine Spirit

Moab Rim - goneMOAB 2010 - 05/06/10 12:19 PM

Thanks to our 2010 event sponsors for making this year a success!!! You guys may not realize it as much as Josh and I do but with out them there would not be a goneMOAB so PLEASE support them! We would really appreciate it!! - Nissan Trucks - Grips and Nets - Adventure Trailers - Tires - On Board Air Systems - Offroad Gear - Nissan Aftermaket Parts - Drive Train Specialists - Pack your trash out - Drive Shafts - Armor - Camping Gear - Portable Welders - Nissan Auto Magazine - Moab 4x4 Supplies and Shop - Offroad Armor - Light Bars - CO Based 4x4 Group - Everything Xterra
JP's Mobile Auto Care & Repair
American IT Solutions
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Re: Moab Rim - goneMOAB 2010 - 05/06/10 01:43 PM

What is the story on that Xterra? That is not the Phoenix is it?
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Re: Moab Rim - goneMOAB 2010 - 05/06/10 02:06 PM

Nope that is Alex T's. truck. You may know him, its been a project for the last 16 months.