VG33E cylinder head

Posted by: skypilot

VG33E cylinder head - 17/07/13 04:50 PM

2002 X 3.3l Looking to pull both heads and overhaul. I think the cams are wiped from a lack of Zinc in the oil. Its drinking oil and anti-freeze so one head is warped. Anyone know a good cam profile or new cam for off road/street performance. Crower will re-grind my old ones if possible.
Posted by: GatorFan1

Re: VG33E cylinder head - 06/04/16 01:11 AM

Last year when I had to redo my supercharged 3.3 when it snapped a timing belt. there is a company in California that specializes in 300zx performance. I called them and they custom grinded me a set of performance cams for about $400 and I had to send them back the old ones. its a little rougher idle but wow a lot more grunt and go. im running 6" lift and 33" tires and it will now spin them with ease. ill see if I can find their name for you if I still have the paperwork.