Steve and I will be wheeling and camping at or near Shoe Creek this coming weekend. Not sure about timing yet, but the plan is to wheel a little on saturday, camp somewhere near Shoe Creek or crabtree Falls, and wheel a little on sunday.

I am planning on leaving around 2 on saturday afternoon, which will put me at Crabtree around 4:30, and wheeling for a bit late afternoon. finding a campsite could be a little tricky this coming weekend, considering it's Memorial Day, and the weather is getting nicer. we could also look for a spot at the top of Big Levels, right off the Blue Ridge parkway. we may even wheel there, if anyone wants to.

Please let me know if you plan to attend or have any feedback/requests so we can at least get a head count and get everyone near the same campsite if possible. Bring firewood. bring water.

I will post directions as soon as I know exactly where anyone plans to meet.

Stock vehicles are fine on these trails. The more the merrier. Enjoy!