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#110362 - 25/08/04 08:37 PM Quick Question!?!
ROKN_X Offline

Registered: 21/08/02
Posts: 457
OK, so I am ready to crank my T-Bars and came accross the following site a while back, but now the link won't work:

Is it possible for someone email me the steps listed on the site?

Thanks! [Wave]

#110363 - 26/08/04 08:13 AM Re: Quick Question!?!

[Wave] simple mod to do, I did it myself.

1. Loosen lock nut on each side
2.Measure where your frame is now on each side towards the front
3. 19mm to crank the torsion bars making sure the lower nut does not spin. Takes more than 4 turns....but just crank them and keep measuring the frame on each side.
4 they say you can go anywhere from 1"-1.5".
5 Make sure you have atleast 1/4" room left above the upper bump stop.Both sides level with eachother.
6 Tighten the lock nut on each side.
7 Go get an alignment done. Check them in a week or two, they will settle and need another crank on them.

#110364 - 26/08/04 10:18 AM Re: Quick Question!?!
swampwrecker Offline

Registered: 16/08/00
Posts: 682
Loc: Brunswick, GA
Yeah, MAXC.ORG is being redesigned. The entire site was taken offline during the process. I'll send you the page later tonight. If you don't get it, send me an e-mail at and I'll get it to you.

It's pretty much like FyrmanJJ said, just with a lot more detail smile

Michael Girardo
East Coast Xterra Challenge

#110365 - 26/08/04 07:16 PM Re: Quick Question!?!
ROKN_X Offline

Registered: 21/08/02
Posts: 457
[ThumbsUp] Thanks to the both of you! [ThumbsUp]


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