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#121889 - 08/01/04 10:51 PM beginners luck

so today I figured I would get my X a little dirty for the first time...

I, along with my two dogs ventured to the mud hole at parmer and mopac.
I get there and there is a z-71 leaving and he's nice and muddy. so i hop out and lower the air pressure a little and as i stand up to get going a animal control officer is sitting parked right in front of me. (i'm not to worried) but he began to talk with me and told me he couldn't stop me from crossing the tracks and having at it, but he told me that APD gives tickets and is very aggressive about this area.
He told me not to worry he won't say any thing. but he advised me to go else where.
so i bid him a farewell and turn to my X and he then asked about my dogs, and if thier shots are current, i said yes. He looks the dogs tags over and then says well their not valid, because the aren't registered with the city. He then told me that its a $180 fine to have a dog thats not registered with the city. he than gets my info and said that i need to fix it and hands me 2 tickets one for each dog. so i was a little pissed, cuase the guy said he was not going to do anything b/c hes not a dick, well to my surpise it ended up just being a warning. he leaves me and i begin to get my aircompessor out to air up the tires to so i can leave

As i finish with the tires, I look up and theres a 5-0 sitting in front of me....

He begins asking me the standard questions, lic,ins, reg, etc. well i have only my DL the others i don't yet, just bought the X on monday, and all i have is the paper plates. urgh! so he tells my he is going have to write me a ticket for no plates no insureance and a tresspassing warning for offroading in a none approved loction.

after a little talking to him and showing him how clean my X was that i had even touched the dirt yet, he said that he would let it side if i had no warrants. he comes back and says i was ok to go. and began to tell me about a few other mud holes in austin to try. I asked him about this spot we were at and he said "its ok til we get called to get you" and that the main problem is there is a bad problem with dumping.

to wrap things up my X is still a virgin to the off road world.

#121890 - 08/01/04 10:54 PM Re: beginners luck

is there anyone else who has had a problem?

does anyone know who owns the land, or know if they are just jerking me around?

and lastly where can i go and not have to worry about getting hassled, in El paso we could go ride almost anywhere!

#121891 - 09/01/04 05:32 AM Re: beginners luck
austinbrtndr Offline

Registered: 05/01/03
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Loc: ATX
Dude... that totally sucks! You have the worst friggin luck! I have NEVER seen nor heard of anyone having any problems out there... until you! I honestly don't know what to tell ya... I do have another spot... if you want to give me a call I can show you where it is... I'm due for a little mud, anyway... Sorry to hear about the trouble you had... [Too much XOC]

*edit* You probably don't want to be going out there alone on your first trip... there are a few places that are pretty easy to get stuck in... you could also miss some of the cool stuff! laugh
Everything you need, if you don't mind the b.s.

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#121892 - 09/01/04 06:46 AM Re: beginners luck

I've never even seen anyone else out there, much less the po-po. I haven't been in a while frown but I will definitely keep a lookout when I do. Sorry to hear you got hassled, but I'm glad it wasn't worse.

#121893 - 09/01/04 03:07 PM Re: beginners luck

We have a place in Denton, Denton Hills, that EVERYONE goes to. On the weekend there are always some ATVs , jeeps, fishermen by the pond, etc etc. Well Herk goes out there and the police threaten to arrest him because it's private propertly?!?!?! we were told it was owned by the city... which is still private , but we never had a problem. That night we all go out there and have no problems nor any other time we have gone.. So it's not just your mud hole..


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