Looking forward to another great year of adventure like the last so after a lot of feedback, thought, requestes I think we have come up with a schedule that offers something for everyone and kind of alternates venues & balances things out to give the most people a chance to participate smile

The monthly xcursions are meant to be special with a certain adventure theme and not your ordinary day outdoors so some travel, time, surpise is involved but its normally well worth it.

If you're wondering why a certain date or venue was choosen there are reasons behind each one so please ask or put in a request if you would like something different/more. For example I tried my best to schedule CALX5 before school starts but still hopefully cool enough weather for DVNP and some of the other ones around holiday weekends to give more time. The CalicoX3 run is a new one that I think should be great but will be different than the normal runs with some special things such as geo-caching poker runs and a series of off-road challenges.

Keep in mind we will still most likely have smaller impromptu runs every so often and the hyperlinks we be activated over time.

BTW X48 is this sunday 1/4 to Smugglers Cave, Painted Gorge, Oriflamme Cyn. http://www.sccxterra.com/xcursion48.html

Happy New Year [Wave]
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