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#132804 - 28/02/07 03:38 PM Photo post shrinker


This forum software may already have it, but maybe a PICTURE shrinker...

Explaination. You find a pic on the net, you link to it, but it's frikkin huuuuuge, like 2560 x 1600....

So the entire post, even its replies are totally shifted to the side. Makes it hard to follow, also, an added bonus is bandwidth savings depending on how the software is implemented.

smile MGJ

#132805 - 28/02/07 07:59 PM Re: Photo post shrinker
Xorand Offline

Registered: 02/04/03
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Alternative - save the huge image to your computer, reduce it, upload it to your own storage site. Link to it from there. Of course, a lot of folks don't have such a place, but (as much as I hate to encourage it) ImageShack is one free option.

Some original photo owners get a little upset if they find someone hosting their images on another site, even if just to use it for illustrative purposes (copyright laws and all that). Others apparently have some type of web statistics monitoring that somehow disables the display of the image when linked to on other sites (I've seen that here a few times, often just minutes after the image was first cross-linked).

But, I agree on the huge-ass photo thing throwing the width of the forum off, causing the words to run off the end of the monitor. Huge-ass URLs annoy me for the same reason, especially since they show up on my favorite page - the active topics page. Fortunately, there's a way to avoid that one. Unfortunately, most folks aren't aware of how to use it.

ETA: And, no, I'm not still running 640x480 resolution. I've joined the modern era and have a 1920x1200 screen.
2002 Just Blue XE 4x4

#132806 - 28/02/07 08:36 PM Re: Photo post shrinker
XOC Offline

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Why are you wanting to link huge ass pics you did not take anyway?

Especially if it is not even your truck. (assuming it is a truck picture)
nom nom nom

#132807 - 04/03/07 07:01 AM Re: Photo post shrinker

1) Imageshack blows. bandwidth exceeds in about 10 clicks, and it has the ever popular-POPUP

2) I'd rather hot link, then go thru rt clk, save, name it, go to favs, open photobucket, or putfile or "?wahetever?" , upload it, then copy the link, then find the post I wanted to reply in, then paste it.... You must be kidding.

2) Not trucks, but anything, funny pictures, ourselves, phat chicks...all your categories....

3) Why the attitude? Doesnt your forum software offer this feature? The last suggestion I'll ever make. [Finger]



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