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#202121 - 01/04/05 08:37 AM Questions

Ok, before I get flamed I want you to know that I did a search and couldnít find an answer to my questions:

1) What tires will fit on my Xterra?

2) Who makes an aftermarket exhaust?

3) How do I get more power out of this thing?

4) I need an all around tire. I like to drive on the road, in the dirt mud, rocks, snow, ice, cactuses, golf courses, Chinese food and hot lava. Any suggestions?

5) Does anyone make a back bumper for this thing?

6) Where are the rear tow hooks?

7) Whatís that bumping noise in my seat when I go around corners?

8) Whatís that noise when I press the gas?

9) How tall is my Xterra? How tall am I?

10) What is your name?

11) What is your favorite color?

12) What is the capital of Assyria?

13) Where is Ian?

14) Where can I get XOC stickers?

15) How do I get better mileage?

16) Can I fill the cargo space with cases of beer?

17) What?

18) Where can I get a low-cost locker?

19) Can I drive under water?

20) How do I get cement off the hood?

21) How many dogs fit in an Xterra?

22) Help!

Thanks for taking time to answer my questions. Iím going to go wheeling while you all respond.


#202122 - 01/04/05 08:41 AM Re: Questions
spalind Offline

Registered: 30/01/03
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Loc: Windham, NH
someone a bit bitter??

#202123 - 01/04/05 09:57 AM Re: Questions
Paul H Offline

Registered: 23/08/01
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Loc: Mt. Zion, IL
Gotta be a joke
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#202124 - 01/04/05 10:05 AM Re: Questions
NuDan Offline

Registered: 19/08/01
Posts: 500
Loc: Not Here
1. Really Big ones
2. Flowmaster
3. Throw a couple of hamsters under the hood
5. Calmini
6. There are none
7. Your ass
8. The hamsters farting
9. Not tall enough
10. Eugene Bob Johnson Smith Jr. III EsQ.
11. Black
12. A
13. At home
14. Call Ian
15. Buy a Civic
16. Does a bear shit in the woods?
17. Hunh?
18. Try the Internet, I hear it's full of those things
19. Depends on how long you can hold your breath
20. Flip the truck over
21. 5 but they all have to wear their seatbelts
22. Okay
There are 10 types of people in the world...those who understand binary, and those who don't.

#202125 - 01/04/05 02:10 PM Re: Questions

Originally posted by Paul Hartwig:
Gotta be a joke
It is April 1st, after all. :-)

#202126 - 01/04/05 04:25 PM Re: Questions

Originally posted by XT Utah:
........Iím going to go wheeling while you all respond.

Good one!

laugh [Laughing] [LOL] [Finger] [Spit] [LOL]


#202127 - 01/04/05 05:02 PM Re: Questions
MBFlyerfan Offline

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Loc: NJ, Just east of the Walt.
Funny Utah! [Spit]
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