Don't see anyone in Pro-2 or Pro-4 keeping their Nissan packages but there are a # in Pro-Lite (Frontiers) who show that they are staying with Nissan (budget driven?). But for us Nissan fans I just wanted to list the ones I could find:

Josh Hintz #16 (
Jimmy Stephensen #33
Javier Sacio #35 (
Todd Cuffaro #46 (
Chuck Dempsey #50 (
Jose Reyes #76

If anyone knows of any others or ones that I've missed or if any of these switch to another manufacturer, please post the info...

Todd Cuffaro is likely to be the star of the bunch as he was able to pick up Chad Hord's '07 championship Frontier...check out his website...he has some awesome testing video and CORR will be LIVE on SPEED Channel this Saturday...