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#112447 - 07/07/08 08:10 PM Hello to all!! and please HELP !!!

Well, i guess ill introduce myself to start with. My Name is Mike Vitro from Manteca CA. I am a Service Advisor at Central Valley Nissan in Modesto CA. I Know, dealership scum right? LOL (actually one of the more honest dealers that I have worked for) So if anyone ever needs any help, I would be more than glad to assist.=)

I recently read about the trip for camp WAMP and was overcome with a case of the warm and fuzzies!!! I have a mentally disabled sibling so I know the true joy that others can bring to these kids and there families. So our family would love to participate. My fiance, Stacey, my son, Darren(8) and myself are excited to spend our weekend for a good cause, and have a chance to make some friends along the way. But I need your help!!!
So, we are very new at this. My Xterra has never been on the trail, and we are new to camping so far off the beaten path!! But we are dedicated to enjoying the outdoors as a family. So if you have any advice or tips you could share, we would greatly appreciate it!! I do have 4x4 trail experience with my toyota. But the only off roading i have done with my Xterra is on dirt roads and Pismo Dunes.My Xterra is a 2000 4x4 in very good shape and totally stock. It does have 32x10.50 BFG All Terrain's but thats it. It has side step bars and a front brush guard(i know, worthless) but thats how i bought it. So please, I will take any advice that I can get!!!

Thank you all in Advance

Mike, Stacey and Darren

#112448 - 07/07/08 10:09 PM Re: Hello to all!! and please HELP !!!

Mike, good to meet you. Camp WAMP is a great trip. The trail is not all that tough. If you have experiance you should not have a problem. A few things I would suggest. First remove the step rails. It is an easy thing to do, takes about five minute a side. Once you get back you can put them back on if you like. Second, everone will tell you to remove the brush guard. You do not have to do this if you do 2 things. Remember it is a "brush guard" and not a bull bar. The differance is that a brush guard is meant to guard the radiator from brush, not rocks, and make sure to take a look at the bottom of the guard where the bars go under the bumper. Know how far off the ground they are. If you hit one hard enough on a rock it could bend it into the hood. This does however take one hell of a hit to do.
Camping in the sierras is great. Make sure to bring bug spray, a set of cloths for cold weather, and sleeping bags that can keep you warm. It does not always get cold, but if you are not used to it then it could make for a rough trip.
Thats all I can think of for now. See you at camp WAMP.



#112449 - 11/07/08 02:38 AM Re: Hello to all!! and please HELP !!!

Hey thanks for the info!! We are looking forward to the trip. The biggest thing that worries us is being prepared for everything. We don't have a lot of experience in camping totally out on our own. It has been a long time since we have been camping at all for that matter!! So any suggestions for supplies or equipment that we might need would be helpful. Anything that you might suggest that first timers tend to forget???? I know its only one night, but I will have the family with me so I just want things to go smooth.(the wife almost freaked when i told her there was no power or water!! lol) Dont get me wrong, she is a trooper!! I just want her first experience to be a good one.


#112450 - 11/07/08 07:40 AM Re: Hello to all!! and please HELP !!!


Some general camping info stuff that I've always thought about - mostly because I'm paranoid and also because I like to be comfortable (and my wife and I are backpackers, so take this FWIW):

  • For your sleeping bags, either purchase cocoons from someone like REI or take nice cotton sheets as well. Many of the bags are some sort of nylon or polyester and tend to stick if you're sweaty. Having the extra stuff helps to serve as a buffer for that sweat and a lighter cover if it's warmer out.
  • Thermarests or some sort of foam padding is your friend. Your back and wife will thank you.
  • Plenty of water. Even if it's just one night, realize that if you don't have water, you'll need more than you think. Even when backpacking, I like to have 6L per day (big overkill, but I drink a lot of water). You need it for cleaning, drinking, food prep, etc., so having extra isn't a bad thing - especially as you're not carrying it.
  • Have some Nalgene or other very portable containers for the water in case there's hiking or activities that aren't right on top of a water source.
  • If the item's critical, carry a spare.
  • Having a good folding knife, a whistle, some waterproof matches, a plastic signalling mirror, and a decent first aid kit are all a must. Even if it's just a day and a night, prepping as if something will go wrong is a good thing.
  • You may want to bring a day pack to carry around some stuff for you and your family. That way they aren't without or they don't have to go back to the vehicle.
  • Make sure you've got trail mix, snack bars that aren't chocolate, and that sort of quick finger food available for the kids.
  • If anyone's allergic to bee stings and the like, make sure you've got the remedy stuff (be it the self-injector or benadryl tabs) readily at hand.

Probably overkill and I'm sure I've left stuff off of here, but there you go.

#112451 - 11/07/08 08:47 AM Re: Hello to all!! and please HELP !!!
XPLORx4 Offline

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Originally posted by Xjunki:
Hey thanks for the info!! We are looking forward to the trip. The biggest thing that worries us is being prepared for everything. We don't have a lot of experience in camping totally out on our own. It has been a long time since we have been camping at all for that matter!! So any suggestions for supplies or equipment that we might need would be helpful.
Here's what I typically bring when I do undeveloped/primitive camping:

* tent
* air mattress (and battery-powered air pump)
* sleeping bag + pillow
* camping chair/per person (walmart has decent inexpensive ones)
* camping table (to use for food prep)
* 5-gallon water container (from walmart), only for longer trips
* 2-gallon garden sprayer for low-volume washing, cleaning, and showering needs.
* PETT portable toilet and toilet paper OR shovel (but do not bury toilet paper)
* propane cooking appliances
* food prep items (foil, plastic wrap, baggies, paper towels, etc), utensils, plates, bowls, cups, spices, etc.
* a few trash bags (and bungee cords or rope to secure the bags to a roof rack to pack it out)
* propane lantern
* flashlight(s)
* food, beverages, and a cooler to keep it cold (of course)
* fanny pack or backpack (if hiking is planned)

That's a pretty complete list of gear.

As with any camping trip, plan your meals accordingly. It's very easy to unnecessarily overpack. For the campWAMP trip, plan for:

Saturday breakfast (on your own or fast food on the road)
Saturday lunch (some people pick up a Subway sandwich in Truckee, then eat it at the bus drop-off)
Saturday dinner (at camp)

Sunday breakfast (at camp)
Sunday lunch
Sunday dinner (fast food on the road, or at home)
4x4 in uppercase is $X$!!!
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#490672 - 22/06/09 09:49 PM Re: Hello to all!! and please HELP !!! [Re: XPLORx4]
xxterrachris Offline
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Loc: A little over an hour from Yos...
Well, I am about as local (oakdale) as you will find for NCCX people. And I had a 2000 se 4x4..
I put a AC 3-pack and calmini a-arms on mine, with a calmini bumper, and harbor freight 9k winch.
The trail out of camp wamp is fairly easy, (Huey made it out in 2wd with his locker after blowing a front hub). The trail in isn't to bad, jsut watch your lines. There is one place that everyone got strapped (except me) up. (I piled more rocks then could be counted).
The side steps will get trashed unless you are REAL careful (that is where I lost mine). unless you ram the grill guard into somthing, don't worry about it.
For the most part it is like every other overnight trip the group takes, you drive it in, you drive it out. Bring water & food for yourself, and somthing to share at a campfire.
Stay close enough to the truck in front to see where they put their tires, bot not close enough to eat a rock they throw on the uphill, or slide into them on the downhill. A cb or frs radio is a big help, trail mix / granola bars are great to share. Sodas generally don't like being bounced over rocks, beer does fine. Unless you have a marine battery the plug in coolers will kill it by morning. Skeeter spray is your friend.


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