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Meet: 8/22 @ 10am
1796 E Lugonia Ave, Redlands, CA;_ylt=AuGIXuo9vlSv8Xg.CqcKYoWHNcIF;_ylv=3?csz=Mentone%2C+CA+92359

Saturday 8/22:
Radford Truck Trail (2N06): ~ 8miles easy to Moderate, 2hrs
Starts on Easy dirt access road north of Seven Oaks , steep climb in places, narrow track gets more moderate with some great view spots long the way to Skyline Drive pass snow summit on 2n10. Exit toward moonridge and the lake.

Jacoby Canyon: 3 miles, easy to moderate, 1hr+
Mostly easy downhill, narrow canyon with trees, creek bed rocks, climbing up to a great high desert outlook. Ends at Hwy 18, we can take cactus flat out toward tip top mine area and the camping spots.

Group Camping: Juniper Pines of 2n64y and 2n01 Or Round Valley CG off 2n89y near the rose mine.

8/23: Heartbreak Ridge 2n61Y: 8 miles, Moderate to Difficult, 2hrs.
First part until the Pontiac sluice is mostly moderate but then turns into rock crawling in a narrow stream bed, steep climb up to Onyx Summit, back down around the other side looping back to the stream bed rock crawl again, back out the same way. Sliders, lift, off-road tires recommended for this trail.

Please post up if you're interested, have some other stuff in mind, etc.

Reference / GPS:
Guide to Socal Backroads and 4-wheel Drive Trails: Charles A. Wells
Jacoby Canyon #38 and others.

FRS Channel 8, Subcode 24
CB Channel 12

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