Just a quick not from us at goneMOAB. Its nearly time hopeully you and yout truck are ready for an amazing week of 4 wheeling in the moab mecca!!! Me personally I am ready for some sun, warmth and sand stone, the snow up here is just getting old this year.


Again thanks to our 2010 event sponsors for making this year a success!!!

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[url=www.Powertank.com]www.Powertank.com[/url] - On Board Air Systems
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[url=www.TheXterra.org]www.TheXterra.org[/url] - Everything Xterra
JP's Mobile Auto Care & Repair
American IT Solutions

Now for the Newsletter and 2010 goneGUIDE!!!

Follow up:

March Newsletter: 2MB Download
Some really good info

* Raffle Info
* Caravans
* Lodging
* Weather
* and MORE

goneGUIDE 2010: 23MB Download
Just about anything you may need to know about the 2010 event.

If anyone has any questions feel free to email or call/Text

Kevin C. - Alpine Spirit
02 Swapped, Chopped & Locked