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#673194 - 23/09/10 08:03 PM Look whose building jeeps
slsail Offline

Registered: 21/02/10
Posts: 16

#673244 - 26/09/10 09:57 PM Re: Look whose building jeeps [Re: slsail]
Joe-Nathan Offline

Registered: 04/10/01
Posts: 122
Loc: St. Martinville, LA
So I guess Jeep does not have a zero tolerance plan.

Are we sure these are NOT the guys that had there floor jobs eliminated by the technology and are getting paid to learn knitting or some other trade? You know the ones that are getting their union wages to sit on the asses all day watching videos...
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"The difference between death and taxes is death doesn't get worse every time Congress meets." -- Will Rogers (1879-1935)

#673247 - 26/09/10 11:19 PM Re: Look whose building jeeps [Re: Joe-Nathan]
TJ Offline

Registered: 08/03/01
Posts: 7756
Loc: Lawrenceville, NJ, USA
Well, there were 3 vehicles...and according to the busters....its the same ones every day for 10 days.

I don't know how many employees there are at this plant...but, I think if you spied on any large enough company's factory employees during their lunch'd find the same proportion of idiots.

I'm sure when Chrysler got bailed the first time, so we could be blessed with minivans, etc...there were some guys drinking or whatever during THEIR lunch break too.

That said, I wish they'd let the dying dinosaurs die.

Any number of new companies would have risen from the ashes, and taken advantage of the incredible parts and service supply train that would have been BEGGING for a new car company to want their services.

Joint ventures (not during lunch I hope....) and other creative solutions would have joined the various vendors to combine to build new cars.

If seed money, grants, and so forth would be availble...fine.

If investors thought they'd be able to buy shares of the next Ford, etc...fine.

It WOULD have been a short term disaster of course until things got up and running....for those who were not used to having to scramble.

And the ranks of the unemployed and those on welfare would have swelled like crazy.

But hey...I had friends who were experts in main frame computer systems...and guess what....they had to learn to do something else, as there were pretty much none left to work on after a few years.

It happens.

Adapt, or go extinct.

- TJ

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#673939 - 30/11/10 02:19 PM Re: Look whose building jeeps [Re: TJ]
x-cited Offline

Registered: 30/11/10
Posts: 13
Loc: Florida
@ TJ

Not to turn this into a political discussion. I agree with wanting to tear down those old companies too and i for one did NOT vote for them to get my money or anyone elses for that matter.

But when i think about it a little further and how pathetic the economy is. I try to imagine the impact it would have done to have all those people out of work. And how much of a chain reaction it would have been.

I think that going thru another great depression may have actually helpped the economy to bounce back. Its a shame we have such a run-a-way government with no balls.

The last great drepression lasted under two years i believe and the country rebounded.

I think its time for a new great depression...


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