My wife and I have a 2006 Nissan Xterra that we have been having serviced at Action for the past two years. Other than the cost of the 15,000 mile intervals (beyond 30,000 miles) service, we have had no complaints. The cost that was so striking was also the least expensive of any Nissan dealership in the Nashville area and Jackson, TN. We are provided with accurate wait times when we drop off our Xterra and are promptly contacted when it is ready during the times we do not wait. The facility is clean and the times we look at the lot while waiting, the salesman are informative, though, not pushy. The parts department provides great assistance when we have needed them.

Every salesman, service adviser, and cashier that helped us when we brought the vehicles has been great. They are all friendly, responsive, knowledgeable, and will highlight certain things that might need to be done in the future or provide recommendations of items of non-immediate concern, but things to watch. Only on one occasion did I find a broken pin for the in-cabin air filter, which was about a sixteenth of an inch thick and was easily able to see how it was broken.

A great service department.