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#675051 - 05/03/11 05:46 PM Codes checked - PO1034 and PO328
CAfirex Offline

Registered: 05/03/11
Posts: 14
Loc: California
My check engine light came on probably about 2 weeks ago, and stayed on for about a week. It then was off for a few days, and came back on. I took my x into Pep Boys today to have them run the codes, and came back with PO1034 and PO328. The PO1034 is low o2 activity on the Bank 1 Sensor 1 o2 sensor. The PO328 is a tripped knock sensor on Bank 1 signal high. My limited auto work reasoning has led me to the conclusion that the o2 sensor is probably bad, and is tripping the knock sensor. However, I am far from an experienced mechanic, and was wondering if anyone who had a little more knowhow could back that idea up.

I searched around the forum, and found that people were saying that in non-SC v6's the PO328 sensor does not matter. However, I live in California, and my x will not pass smog unless the check engine light is off. I own an '03 non-SC v6 with 4wd. And I need to have my smog done by the 8th, so any help would be greatly appreciated! I really dont want to spend the $90 for a diagnostic and $190 more to have them install an o2 sensor I could do for $60 and an hour of my time!


#675056 - 05/03/11 08:22 PM Re: Codes checked - PO1034 and PO328 [Re: CAfirex]
Gonzo-2 Offline

Registered: 23/06/09
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Loc: Lansing, Michigan
Sounds like a bad O2 sensor which isn't that uncommon. I don't think that will trip the KS code though. You've most likely had that code (KS) for some time. It's common on a non-SC and doesn't matter as you're search showed. Nor will that code alone cause the CEL light to come on. That was probably caused by the O2 sensor code.


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