I have a 2004 with the supercharged 3.3L. I am experiencing a power loss. When warm, it is like I am down a couple of cylinders, don't have an SC, or I am towing something. My mechanic pulled the Knock Sensor code, so he changed that. Slight improvement. Then, he changed out the Air Flow Sensor. No change. Next was diabling the SC bypass. A little better, but still a problem. We dropped out the back cats and replaced the driver's side front cat (backpressure reading on passenger side is OK). The ECM is not giving out any codes, but maybe it is going to safe mode and not telling him. He is at a loss. There is definetly something wrong. He suggested sending the ECM in to be reprogrammed, which will improve the performance, but will also wipe clean whatever anomoly is lingering. Will this work? Will the profile really be siped clean? Suggestions? Has anyone sent their ECM in and had good results? Bad results?