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#679239 - 24/09/12 12:21 PM 2004x VE33E Power Steering Pump Replacement (can't bleed air)
zen Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 31/08/12
Posts: 3
I had a leak in my power steering lines, and two weeks ago I had them replaced.

Since then, I had noticed my power steering pump wasn't performing well. The belt would chirp when I first started it up, and turning the wheel to the right would be difficult when it was cold.

So this weekend I decided to replace the pump, and do all my belts while I was at it.

After I got everything back together (and after having to go to the hardware store to find a replacement for my alternator tensioner bolt), and I attempted to bleed the air out of the lines following the process that I found online, which basically said to raise the front end off the ground and continuously turn the steering wheel fully back and forth until you no longer see a reduction in fluid in the power steering reservoir, and starting it up and checking to see if the fluid foams up... well, it didn't work.

Well, I tried this several times and when I cranked the vehicle, the fluid got frothy. So, the last time I tried I must have sat there and turned the wheel back and forth for 30 minutes. I felt like a fool. I even got my iPod and jammed just to kill the boredom and distract myself from how much of an idiot I felt like sitting there turning this steering wheel back and forth.

So anyway. That didn't work.

Is there a proper way to bleed the power steering lines in a 3.3L xterra?

Someone save me.

BTW, I was a member here from about 2006 to 2009 but when I tried to log in recently my account was gone. frown

Edited by zen (24/09/12 12:22 PM)

#679240 - 24/09/12 04:08 PM Re: 2004x VE33E Power Steering Pump Replacement (can't bleed air) [Re: zen]
Nissan_MasterTech Offline

Registered: 28/08/02
Posts: 251
Loc: Florida
The system pretty much self bleeds itself when the engine is running, if the fluid level is full and you cannot add anymore then the bleeding is done.

The airation of the fluid is another issue all together, you may have a loose fitting on the suction side of the system allowing air to enter. I'd recheck all connections , you also may have a faulty pump. I know you said it's new but doo doo happens.

Did you use and OEM part or go aftermarket ?

Aftermarket = No Good / Junk / Crizap, get the picture.

#679242 - 24/09/12 06:14 PM Re: 2004x VE33E Power Steering Pump Replacement (can't bleed air) [Re: Nissan_MasterTech]
zen Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 31/08/12
Posts: 3
Nissan_MasterTech, thank you for taking the time to reply.

I checked under the truck and saw a small stain. It is now dark and I can't see well, and I currently can't put it in the garage. I will have to deal with this tomorrow.

When you say "suction side", do you mean the line that goes from the reservoir to the pump? Or do you mean the side that goes from the pump to the gearbox? Assume you mean the latter. Those are the only two places where I disconnected any lines, was the two connections to the pump.

I did get out the 15/16ths socket and tightened down the fitting to the pump more, and then ran it for about 10 minutes. Didn't seem to help. Perhaps I'm still getting aeration... frown

I can tell you that when the wheels are down, I hear pump squeal when I turn the steering wheel to the left, and I don't get noise but I get a LOT of resistence when I turn the wheel back to the right. With the wheels up, the pump is quiet and both directions are easy.

#680570 - 11/10/13 03:32 PM Re: 2004x VE33E Power Steering Pump Replacement (can't bleed air) [Re: zen]
HD Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 11/10/13
Posts: 4
Just replaced an old leaky power steering pump and all it's associated hoses and fittings. The truck fired up and ran like finely tuned 240 z, welll...maybe a Maxina. About 45 minutes power steering boost. Wheels up, no problem, wheels know the rest. Is there some way to flush the steering box?


#683003 - 23/08/16 12:44 PM Re: 2004x VE33E Power Steering Pump Replacement (can't bleed air) [Re: HD]
zen Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 31/08/12
Posts: 3
This turned out not to be a problem with the pump. Had the lines replaced and it wasn't that either. New gear box fixed it.

Shouldn't have to worry about the steering system anytime soon, I would hope.


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