As the title sounds, I am removing the transmission to replace the rear main seal and clutch. 90% there. I am stuck on the last 2 bolts which reside on the top side of the tranny, between the engine and firewall. I cannot seem to get a wrench on them, let alone have enough space to put some torque on them when I do. If anyone offer some assistance on "HOW THE HELL DO I GET THEM OFF???" I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, once that is done, do I only have to remove the 1 crossmember to pull the tranny back and lower it; or do I have to remove the cross member that the tension rods bolt too also?

Thanks in advance!
2002 Xterra XE
v6 - 4x4 - 5spd manual - BFG TA/KO
always dirty