I was a Jeep owner (Wrangler, Cherokee) for the better part of my twenties. Thanks to a three time busted tranny and a broken relationship, I found myself without a Jeep for the first time just under a decade. I decided a few years ago to try out an xterra (2003, 4x4) sitting in the back lot at Servco Subaru on Waialae. Fell in love and really put a lot of money and love into it.

Unfortunately, I was t-boned this past summer and the rear axle broke. Geico hooked my up with 9,000. I bought a 2000 4x4 for 4,500. I've been meaning to put some work into it, but don't really know where to start. I'm a teacher so funds are consistently too low to go balls to the wall in the autoshop.

So, just to get an idea of what you guys have found ON island that offers both good pricing as well as expertise and service, I'm looking for a shop that works on xterras frequently. The truck definitely needs a little TLC. When I bought it, I immediately had new shocks put in.

I am looking for all-terrain off road tires (odd size - 265 70r15), a good lift, a bull bar, and a new exhaust system.

Any suggestions would definitely. I also want to be in the loop as far as xterra meetings/trail runs, etc.

Hook me up!