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#682455 - 30/03/14 05:01 PM How to eliminate Speaker Pop on new stereo install
Dolph Offline
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Hey guys. This is my first post on the forum, and I was hoping somebody might be able to help me with a problem I've encountered:

I recently installed a Pioneer AVH-X5600BHS head unit in my 2002 Xterra SE. The install went off without a hitch, and everything works properly... except when I turn the vehicle off. Immediately following my vehicle turning off, the speakers make a "pop." It's not an outrageously loud pop or anything, but it's definitely noticeable. Now, I did a lot of research on my own about how to fix it and what causes it, but I am far from an expert when it comes to these things, and obviously, I wasn't able to figure it out. So here's hoping that one of you can help! :-)

Now, it's probably important to mention that this Xterra has the stock fosgate amplifier hooked up. And therein I think lies the problem... From what I've read online, it sounds like the amp is staying on longer than the HU and that's what is causing the pop. (Please correct me if I'm wrong with my assessment) My problem is: how do I fix it? The only thing I was able to find online that seemed like it might be worth a **** is this:

2.2 My system "pops" when I turn it off. What is happening and how can I get rid of it? [JD]

This kind of problem is often caused by transients in the signal processor as it powers down finding their way into the signal path, which the amplifier then transmits to the speakers.
Usually this can be solved by adding a little turn-off delay to the processor. This allows the processor to stay powered on for a short time after the amplifiers have powered down, thus preventing the pop.
Many components sold today (such as crossovers, equalizers, etc) have delays built-in. Read your manual to see if it is possible to set this delay on your piece of equipment or be sure to look for this feature during your next car audio purchase.
If your processor does not have this feature, you can build your own delay circuit with a diode and a capacitor. Add a 1N4004 diode in series with the processor's turn-on lead, striped side towards the EQ. Then add a capacitor in parallel, the (+) side of the cap connects to the striped (processor) side of the diode, the (-) side of the cap goes to ground (not the radio or EQ chassis - connect to the car chassis).
Experimenting with the cap value will give you the right amount of delay before the EQ shuts off. You don't want it too long, just long enough to make sure the amp is off before the EQ powers down. 220 - 1000 uF is about right, and make sure the cap is a polarized electrolytic, 16V or higher. Also keep in mind that the diode will introduce a 0.7V drop on the remote wire, which can cause the processor to power down before the rest of the system.

Now, I attempted to put this contraption together myself, but wasn't able to get it to work. (I wasn't even sure I was wiring it correctly, or even the right direction for that matter!) So, before I accidentally fry the system or something, I figure I should get some help. :-) Has anyone else done something like this? And if so, can you provide novice directions? (Maybe with pictures if possible? =) Has anyone else even run into this problem? Please help! Thanks guys.

#682456 - 01/04/14 07:38 PM Re: How to eliminate Speaker Pop on new stereo install [Re: Dolph]
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I swapped my stereo with an older new Pioneer system I had. When I change radio channels, the rear speakers have a substantial static "pop". I don't know the cause. Wish it wouldn't but isn't a huge deal. If you find out a simple fix, I'd be interested in knowing.
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