I was on here a little bit a few years ago when I owned my 2001 X XEV6. I had a few other vehicles, but am now back home in another X. I just bought a 2002 SE and am looking for a DIY on swapping to electric fans. I am currently running into issues with there being enough airflow through the condenser while sitting at stop lights to keep the A/C working effectively. I have heard a few people mention using the electris fan set-up from a Quest minivan or from a Maxima. Could anyone on here help give me an idea of which fans fit best and what is required for mounting them. I can figure the electrics out for myself as I will be tapping into the compressor wiring and including a temperature sensor for the fans to run off of. Thanks in advance, I appreciate it. cool
2002 Xterra SE (3.3 Auto 4x2)
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