Hey all. I did a quick search for an answer to this, but couldn't find one. Does anyone know of any sites or have spare parts where I could buy the supercharger snout for the M62? I have a 2003 X SE/SC. Previous owner did a pulley reduction, but did it 100% wrong. As far as I can tell they must have attempted to press the pulley in by when torquing the vent bolt down, and so the bolt is snapped with the pulley only partially pressed in. This in turn causes the SC-A/C belt to jump because the S/C pulley is approx. 1/4" further forward from the snout than it is supposed to be.

I finally went to figure this out today and found a fun problem, so if anyone knows where I can find a snout at without dropping the money on the full blower, that'd be great. Or any other ideas! smile Thanks in advance!