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#682441 - 25/03/14 11:40 AM Corroded brake line.. help needed please
Jnameth Offline

Registered: 18/11/11
Posts: 15
So Im driving yesterday, and go to hit my brakes, but I get nothing.. truck only stops when I mash the pedal to the floor.. so I park the truck, get to a gas station (after I saw the fluid res. very low, bought brake fluid, filled it up.. then noticed after the brakes still didnt feel right that there is a leak on the passnager front. I have a 2001 Xterra, and the problem I found when I took off the wheel today to investigate, was that the leak was upstream. It was rotted under the heat wrap where the line comes down between the wheel well and the exaust maifold where two lines join together (looks line the first portin is metal, and it feeds into what looks like a grey plastic portion).

My question is, how to I got about replacing this? Do I need to get a whole hardline piece and replace it all the way back to "god knows where" as I havent ever dealt with brake lines before.

Im just wondering if I (a non-mechanic) can make this fix. And where I might be able to find the parts I need if it is a possibility for me to tackle this.

Thanks for any and all help on this issue!


#682668 - 19/10/14 05:28 PM Re: Corroded brake line.. help needed please [Re: Jnameth]
Rob Offline

Registered: 01/04/01
Posts: 62
Loc: Pittsburgh,PA,USA
This reply is very late for your needs, but it may help someone else with the same problem.
1. Yes, all of the hard brake lines are available, and are pretty inexpensive.
2. They are each pretty easy to replace, if you have the proper tools and the nerve to work on your own brake lines. If you don't have brake line wrenches, get some. All of the fittings are the same size, so you only need two wrenches.
3. I replaced all of the hard lines, and the flexible lines, on my 2000 Xterra. The only line that was difficult was the line that went along the frame rail from the front to the back of the truck.
4. The plastic clips that hold the brake lines in place along the fire wall in the front and along the frame to the back will probably break when you snap out the old lines. Get some replacements, they are also cheap.
5. Purchase the replacement brake lines from your local dealer, shipping for brake lines is very expensive, so let the dealer cover those costs.
6. If you live in the rust belt, the metal brake line hold downs on the rear axle will break off when you try and bend them to remove the brake line. Just use zip ties to hold the brake line in place.
7. Be very careful when threading in the new brake lines to the junction points. Do not cross thread these connections!
If you don't feel comfortable working on the brake lines, have a mechanic do this for you.
Good luck with your project

#682672 - 21/10/14 09:52 AM Re: Corroded brake line.. help needed please [Re: Rob]
TJ Offline

Registered: 08/03/01
Posts: 7756
Loc: Lawrenceville, NJ, USA
I'll add to the above reference post that the most COMMON cause of that brake line corrosion with soaked insulation is that the POWER STEERING fluid is dripping on the insulation from above...and that stuff is what corrodes the BRAKE lines from the outside as the insulation of the brake line holds the corrosive power steering fluid on the brake lines longer, etc.
- TJ

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