Have a pair of original plastic lens fog lights, just lens reflector assembly that is held in by clips. I will include a pair of 35 watt bulbs, 45.00 plus shipping.
Also have 2 pair glass lens reflector fog lights, 1 pair slightly used , 1 pair brand new, these are a direct replacement but allow you to use hotter/brighter bulbs and won't melt the lens which will happen with the plastic ones. Will include either a pair of 55 watt or 100 watt osram/hella bulbs, your choice, 70.00 pair plus shipping.
Also have a pair of Halo 9004 headlight bulbs, platinum white, 7500k. Gives you the look of Hids with out the expense. Only used for about 1 month while I was waiting to have a set of projector Hids built by Black Flame Customs, which by the way are an amazing headlight upgrade. 20.00 plus freight.
Reason for sale of fog lights is I put on a Shrock bumper and cannot use these fogs, put a set of Lightforce on the Shrock.