Hi. So I'm not sure exactly when this started happening but my X has been sounding like a Greyhound bus for a long time now! When I start it up first thing in the morning the fan is just incredibly loud. It eventually slows down but it is still louder than what it used to be. Also, the temperature outside doesn't seem matter either because it still sounds like this whether it was freezing or hot outside. When it sits at idle it's loud and even when I'm accelerating it's loud. It's just loud now to the point that it's annoying and quite embarrassing! When I first stuck my head under the hood for an inspection I discovered a disconnected cable that was not seated in its connector. The connector and cable were along the front-left side of the radiator, sorta near the battery. I cleaned out the ends of the cable and reseated everything but to no avail. Has anyone heard of this and have advice on how to fix it? Thanks!
2006 Nissan Xterra SE 4WD