Bought a 2002 non superecharged 6 cylinder and when it gets warm, it stutters at about 2500 rpm'so and if I come to a stop, it will die off. Can't push on the gas to get it to go. When it's acting up, 55 is all I can get her up to.
The distributor looks to be new, replaced the fuel filter, unhooked the MAF to see if it go better...nope. cleaned it..nope.
It starts back up every time. Sometimes it fixes it for awhile, sometimes I have to shut it off and try again to get it to not shimmy at 2500. No warning lights, but a mechanic said it was showing MAF codes.
Somewhere I saw to let some transmission fluid out- it was over full and I let a bit out, maybe do more? I tried unhooking the battery for a day to reset stuff.

So any quesses?
Don't trust that the distributor is good just because it looks brand new?
Some sort of crazy electrical gremlin?
The ABS light also comes on randomly- probably not related, but...

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Hallelujah. Holy shit. Where's the Tylenol?