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#677224 - 07/12/11 02:56 PM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: jeffo65]
slkelly926 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 16/11/10
Posts: 6
2000 Xterra with almost 218,000 miles.

However, it was totalled this past weekend when my husband hit a deer. I am really bummed - it ran great - I had that car since May of 1999, when they first came out. It was my first brand-new vehicle. If I didn't have 2 growing kids, I would buy another one. However, I really need a 3rd row seat. (No minivan for me though!) Anyone ever driven a Pathfinder?


#677226 - 07/12/11 09:57 PM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: slkelly926]
Kaiser Offline

Registered: 18/01/03
Posts: 6372
Loc: Austin, Texas
about 160k on my '00.
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#677240 - 11/12/11 01:17 AM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: Kaiser]
ChiX Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 11/12/11
Posts: 4
Loc: Chicago
2002 SC'd X with 122,xxx

#677276 - 13/12/11 02:19 PM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: Tradhunter]
gmaxis Offline

Registered: 21/08/00
Posts: 2179
Loc: America's Finest city
Purchased in late 05 and only has 26,272 miles.

#677286 - 14/12/11 03:48 PM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: gmaxis]
Nail Bender Offline

Registered: 21/06/09
Posts: 22
Loc: chicagoland
my 02 as of today is at 99,935
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#677289 - 14/12/11 08:06 PM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: Nail Bender]
Green Dream 73 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 08/12/11
Posts: 1
Loc: Colorado, USA
I have 170,341 on my 2002 and it is still driving like a dream. The key is that preventive maintenance!!
2002 Alpine Green Xterra SE 167,000 miles and running!!

#677349 - 19/12/11 03:29 PM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: Green Dream 73]
RockyMTX Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 19/12/11
Posts: 2
Loc: Washington
02' running great at 175K

#677839 - 03/02/12 11:56 AM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: Tradhunter]
jbnelle Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 18/01/12
Posts: 3
2008 SE 95,000 miles

#677848 - 04/02/12 06:17 AM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: jbnelle]
xkid Offline

Registered: 19/07/11
Posts: 16
Loc: Ont,Canada
03 with about 100,000 miles

#678006 - 21/02/12 06:51 AM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: xkid]
whitewater1 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 21/02/12
Posts: 2
My xterra is a 2000 with 210000 miles on it.still runs like new.

#678013 - 21/02/12 06:44 PM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: whitewater1]
InfX708 Offline

Registered: 24/09/00
Posts: 864
Loc: Ft. Bragg, NC
I'm up to about 230K on my 2000. Other than normal maint, I've rebuilt the steering box and am currently replacing the transmission - 1st gear went out and they don't do rebuilds. Got a few paint chips off the hood and one tiny rust bubble on the tailgate. When I wash and wax it, you'd swear it was a couple years old.
300,000 miles, and counting

#678024 - 23/02/12 05:52 PM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: baf6]
Pro4xnyc Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 04/01/12
Posts: 5
Loc: Flushing, ny
11 pro-4x with 1.5 k

#678027 - 23/02/12 09:29 PM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: Pro4xnyc]
Cliff Offline

Registered: 22/06/09
Posts: 76
Loc: Idaho, U.S.A
My 2006 off road is up to 39,000. Had the original rear differential go out at 10900. had the sending unit for the gas tank replaced at 38,000. I change the oil every 3000 and use mobile 1 synthetic oil. If it weren't for the high cost of gas I would be driving it a lot more.

#678029 - 24/02/12 09:53 PM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: Tradhunter]
mil1982 Offline

Registered: 03/10/02
Posts: 146
Loc: Los Angeles, CA
114039 on my 02 replaced the timing belt and just normal maintenance.

#678031 - 25/02/12 12:59 PM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: mil1982]
mark garrett Offline

Registered: 12/10/09
Posts: 64
Loc: Houston,Tx
My 2000x has 117k, just changed plugs & cables, runs even dreamier than before. Still looks like new, great paint, sits outside.

#678041 - 27/02/12 06:01 PM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: mark garrett]
F4iGuy Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 19/02/12
Posts: 7
Loc: District of Columbia
2001 SE has 168,000 miles all original except for transmission that was replaced at 107,000

#678047 - 28/02/12 10:00 PM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: F4iGuy]
Jeremy March Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 28/02/12
Posts: 2
2002 SE 130,000 or so normal maintenance still runs great. Wish I could get the airbag light to go off though.

#678065 - 04/03/12 12:23 AM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: Tradhunter]
Caelin Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 04/03/12
Posts: 2
Loc: New York
Getting a 2005 s tomorrow with 91000 on it.. Cant wait! grin

#678256 - 02/04/12 10:58 PM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: Tradhunter]
smitty07 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 31/03/12
Posts: 3
Loc: Oswego Il.
07 with 11300 miles on my x. Just bought her.

#678265 - 04/04/12 11:39 AM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: smitty07]
Hat Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 04/04/12
Posts: 1
'00 SE Manual 317,000 Miles Still running like a champ

3 timing belts
6 Tranny and Diff oil changes
1 clutch done at 267K replaced OEM (got a nice letter back from Nissan when I let them know)
4 windshields
more oil changes and shocks than I can count.


#678316 - 09/04/12 05:24 PM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: Tradhunter]
brslomo Offline

Registered: 22/07/09
Posts: 24
Loc: Southeastern U.S.
I just sold my '03 with just under 150,000 on it. I bought a new 2012 which makes my third Xterra. The '03 never gave me any real problems outside of the normal and well known problems such as A/C issues related to leaking high pressure hose. I did all of the maintenance on it since buying it, which I think is the key to trouble free ownership of any vehicle. As I like to say, the professional mechanic is a car's worst enemy.

It also helped that I changed oil every 2,500 miles, always used Mobil 1 motor oil, A/T fluid, and LSD oil. Also always ran premium gas in it.

Another thing which helps guarantee trouble-free ownership is to never let your engine overheat. I did my own timing belt at about 90,000 miles and changed the water pump as many advise. At 100,000 I replaced radiator and fan clutch. I also changed radiator hoses and thermostat frequently. Preventive maintenance is always going to be cheaper than engine work.

I figured that if I had kept it much longer, I would be faced with changing the O2 sensors, exhaust system, and perhaps other expensive components.

I wish the second gen engines had cast iron blocks as the first gen does, but they are aluminum. Let's see how long I can make this one last.

Lastly, whenever I buy a new vehicle, I follow my own self-imposed break-in schedule, to include changing oil frequently for the first couple thousand miles. Also use dino oil until around 2,500 miles, when I switch to Mobil 1.

#678318 - 09/04/12 09:38 PM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: brslomo]
Bolt Speedman Offline

Registered: 19/10/09
Posts: 136
Loc: Jackson, Wisconsin
03.....171,000.....still goin strong but going to need a timing belt and water pump soon! I FUCKING LOVE MY X!!!
If your stupid today, it's a safe bet you'll be stupid tommorrow!

#678392 - 22/04/12 06:54 PM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: Tradhunter]
trevor york Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 19/04/12
Posts: 1
My 2002 just passed 218,000 still running good.

Edited by trevor york (22/04/12 06:55 PM)

#678455 - 03/05/12 12:56 AM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: trevor york]
Matt E Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/05/12
Posts: 9
Loc: Las Vegas, NV
2012 Pro 4X. 260 miles!

#678464 - 03/05/12 12:05 PM Re: How many miles on you x [Re: Matt E]
Gonzo-2 Offline

Registered: 23/06/09
Posts: 518
Loc: Lansing, Michigan
Posted this once before a while back. Hasn't been beaten yet!

'03 (now NINE YEARS OLD), 53,600+/- miles! That's only 6,000 miles a year. I live only 3 miles from work and for the last couple of years, if we (wife and I) go anywhere we take her car. Did I mention it's still in GREAT shape?



Custom fuse panels for electrical mods
Custom backup solution mod (lights/camera/monitor)
Custom switched power outlets (8+ total)
Lots-o-Lights (6 driving lights, 10 total)

Original registration - Sep, '03
Pre-crash post count - ~1100

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