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#92906 - 25/08/07 05:34 PM Bad Exper. Nissan Service LONG

This being my only Nissan in a long time(My last was a nissan Pulsar circa 1983 brand new) I am disappointed in the way I have been treated, especially my most recent experience.
My other cars and trucks always went to dealer for servicing until they were out of warranty, and even if not friendly service(toyota, ford) the job was done.
My acura dealer where I service my tl, is absolutely great, and couldnt hope for a better service facility.
So here goes. I first brought truck in for oil change at 1000 miles, as requested by service department, four months or so ago.
I have an appointment, and I tell them the oil change, and two or three minor things to check, since truck was delivered without any working exterior lights(fuse blown).
They tell me they checked everything and good to go. I get home, I go to recheck the psi in the tires(I keep at 35 all around) and to my dismay, two valve covers were missing, and two were just barely screwed on. Maybee a half turn each. And exceedingly high psi. I had to take out a bunch on air. Wasnt happy.
On west coast during my recent travel, I went to a Nissan Dealer in Oregon, oil change no problem. Nice folks.
I brought the x in with an appointment this week, for oil change, and to have two front end sqeaks looked at, plus a change in the smell from the exhaust.
I arrive promptly and they know I am going to wait. I wait in the waiting room. An hour goes by and I see other people come in , have their work done and leave.
I tell the wife, they must be working on something because its been an hour.
I look at the lifts and dont see the truck(they must have about 15 lifts) but a few are at an angle and cant be viewed.
I wait another half hour(1.5 hours at this point) and I ask the service advisor, hows the truck coming. He looks in the shop and doesnt see it. He goes out back and doesnt see it. He has no clue where truck is, and its whereabouts.
Now I am getting upset. I had two rifles and a shotgun under the rear hatch cover, because I was going to the range later that morning. Service advisor was advised
He says they must have it on a test drive. I said you dont know? They start asking around and around ten minutes later, he said the truck was in the back, and they were looking for the squeak. I said I am going around back to check.
The advisor got real nervous and said not to. It was just taken for a road test again. I said who has it, I want it back know.
Then they say it was in the back all along, just buried behind some other car.
They bring it in the shop, and the head mechanic says it has never been road tested or looked at, their just very busy.
I go to look at mileage on initial form they fill out, and the mileage is some crazy number, so I have no idea how many miles or lack of miles on car since they got it.
Know I have my nose pressed against glass, watching them do oil change.
He takes an air gun, and blasts the plate to loosen to get at the oil filter. Why he couldnt use a hand tool, I dont know why.
They have three different mechanics working on the truck.
I watch a fellow come over, and start adding air to all the tires. He pumped it up to 40 psi.
The same fellow added a crap of prestone to the overflow tube. Know I know it was just perfect on max line, and I am asking myself why is he filling it with more.
Another fellow comes and puts the filter on, but I dont see him put the plate back.
Another fellow comes, and loweres the truck,and adds the oil.
They then drive it the 25 feet to lot, and tell me Im ready.
I say you didnt put the plate back. They insist they did and tell me to crawl under the truck myself and check. I said tell the mechanic to check. How dare you insist I go under the truck and dirty my clothes.
I immediately go into showroom and get a hold of general manager, who immediately goes back there, and they bring the truck back in to check.
I cant see what they are doing, but they call me in the shop five minutes later to show me the plate was always put back. I said you could have put it back before I got here.
They said are you calling us a liar. I said once someone here lies to me, (about where truck was) I cease to trust anything anyone here tells me.
They put a tag on the window for next servicing, which they seem to think is 300 miles and not 3000 miles,(I guess they cant add).
I refused to pay anything, and the general manager, said the service manager would be calling me, to take my complaint
So far in three days, no phone calls. Last time they will see me. And the funny thing is, they know I was in negotiations for a titan I needed by mid September.
I thought a high volume dealer like this would have good service, but I was wrong.
I even tried to buy some touch up paint from parts, and they said they could order it for me. I guess its par for the course at this place.
Its a large dealership on Long Island.

Stay safe

#92907 - 25/08/07 08:43 PM Re: Bad Exper. Nissan Service LONG

Well that story even pissed me off. I stay away from the dealer for that reason alone. I taught myself how to do everything I need ( or asked someone from this board ). I would just find a different dealer or a mechanic that you can trust. I know people don't like STS but atleast they can afford to fix your truck if they screw it up.

#92908 - 27/08/07 03:52 AM Re: Bad Exper. Nissan Service LONG

It's amazing that that took place and it might be worth checking with the BBB to see if there are any complaints filed against the dealiership.

I also agree that there are things that you could do yourself, not only for less money, but to be sure that the work was done. For example, I changed my oil and alternator yesterday (among other things, like t-bar crank, underbody touch up and reinstalling my freshly repainted skids). If I'd taken the truck in for this work, it would have been out the whole day and I'd be out at least a few hundred - as opposed to $30.


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