I just had a great experience buying my new X. Sent out a bunch of quote requests (THANKS DOCNO!! Your fax worked great!!) Monday afternoon. I received many responses with in a couple hours, most just autoreplies, but some actual quotes as well. Nissan of Keene came in way below everyone else (and also being the most local worked out well!!) and got me the OR with most everything I wanted. I was in and out of there in about 2&1/2 hours including test drive, walk through, financing and paperwork. This was about as painless a process as could be. Sill got hit with the usual attempts to pad the bill with the "exterior protection package" and the $200 "teflon fabric protection". Politely said no thanks and that was the end of it. I have had some service work done on my 03 X there and was also very pleased with the work and staff in that dept.