I bought my '07 new at Regal Nissan in Roswell, GA.
Overall a great exp. so far. Low pressure sales, didn't waste my time. Had it in once for minor warr.
work and they handled it quickly and courteously. A few pointers to some of you young studs out there; a little honey will get you a long way in dealing w/ dealers. I found the service writer who was the off road fanatic and befriended him. He's already told me he'll help me out w/ any warr. problems I may encounter, kinda like he understood. Don't get me wrong, still do due diligence and TAKE NAMES AND WRITE DOWN WHAT THEY SAY!!! If you can say" Bill said this at this time on this day", it goes a long way in proving your point. But, if they like you to start with, it goes even longer. Start out nice, not pricky, and get firm and resolute only if necessary. Yes, I have learned a few things in 53 years of dealing with jerks: they're not all jerks! Never be an asshole, as it usually turns out to be a self fulfilling prophecy! Peace through superior mind power (or firepower, if necessary) smile not [Argue]