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#94310 - 30/11/07 11:23 PM Foothill Nissan near LA
Unregistered about your typical slimy used car salesmen. Unfortunately for Nissan, these guys are also selling new cars for them. Quick story;

They had 2 05 X's I was interested in;

Yellow SE w/35,000 miles
Silver SE w/7,000 miles

Both had clean carfax, etc. I told them when I was coming....they were pushing me on the silver. I showed up (about a 2.5 hour drive)..and the silver was sold. No prob. Let's look at the Yellow.

They start by saying that the silver one was crap anyways because it had been hit on the front bumper. No less than 4 hours earlier, it was "the cleanest car ever with less than 7,000 miles". Yeah.

So we sit to talk turkey on the yellow. He starts the price at $21,995. I laugh a bit and tell him, the "internet sales manager" that the price online is $16,995. He implies I'm lying. We go to the inter-web and we confirm it's $16,995. He comes back with his final offer of $16,500. I told him I was happy to pay $17,000 on the road, not a penny more. Back to the "magic room", which by the way, is basically translucent because of the way the sun was shining...and it was funny to see what was going on back there. Basically nothing.

Anyway....I just felt "violated" about the process. $21,995 as the starting price for a car listed on their website for $16,995? How slimy.....

So....I DO NOT recommend going to visit these guys. If you do, be careful. And take some anti-bacterial soap to wash your hands afterwards.

My $0.02.....

#94311 - 02/12/07 10:45 AM Re: Foothill Nissan near LA
Paco Pico Offline

Registered: 16/01/02
Posts: 672
Loc: Gig Harbor, WA
Yep, they are known locally as "scammers"...I used to live in the area.

If you are coming back up to LA County, check out Performance Nissan in Duarte...I bought three cars from them and they were good to deal with (if you know your game, as it sounds you do)

#94312 - 06/12/07 07:34 PM Re: Foothill Nissan near LA

Thank god you don't live here, I take my X there to get serviced every so often, and every time it feels like i should be busting out the anal lube.

#94313 - 06/12/07 09:52 PM Re: Foothill Nissan near LA

I was shopping for a used Porsche 911 and had listed every used one from $40K to $60 in Southern California. I came across one that I didn't reconize and it didn't have a price tag (typical for the Porsche dealers). I ask how much - dude comes back and says $54K ... I look a bit harder and discover that it was in fact, on my Internet listing at $44K.

Dude jacked the price of the car up $10,000 on a whim. I showed him the error of his ways before walking out. wink

(Walter's Porsche in Riverside if anyone is interested)

#94314 - 06/12/07 09:53 PM Re: Foothill Nissan near LA

PS: I went through the Internet dealers at Raceway (now Elway) Nissan in Riverside and was treated correctly - no games or BS beyond the normal attempt by the finance guy to earn a few bucks for himself with the alarm, extended warranty ... :rolleyes:


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