That sounds like a good place to meet Lee. I'll bring that up as a nice meeting stop on Friday.

I have some topo maps on the bike course. The one Gabe posted is pretty much correct except the first part (which they just voted to changed).

I'll bring some extra printed versions to the meeting and to the event. They won't be color. If you would like your own color topo map, feel free to download and print it.

Both maps below are the same, it's just that one is larger than the other. [Freak]

Warning, this file is about 800K and prints to 8.5X11" paper [Geek]
1-31250 scale bike course

Warning, this file is about 1.1MB and prints on 11X17" paper [Geek]
1-24000 scale bike course

The orange dotted line near the first part of the course is the new section of the course. For anyone who went last year, it's the same section (the long hill).
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