I was just messing with you guys with not giving an ending to this story... [LOL]

So -- I got there and the first thing I asked my sales guy was whether it was his manager that told him to go there and pick it up versus having it hauled, and he said yes. So then I explained how I wasn't happy about the situation.

I asked to speak to the manager: the first thing I told the manager is that I was very happy with my sales guy and that it was the best buying experience I've had.

And then I asked the manager why he decided to have it driven instead of hauled, and more importantly, why I wasn't asked?

And of course he gave me the run-around. Fine -- to a point. He kept putting the onus on me about why I didn't tell them beforehand that I wouldn't accept a new car with 200km and in response I asked if I had to let them know I didn't want a car with a dent in the hood beforehand too?

I tried to get him to pinpoint the mileage that is reasonable vs not reasonable? Would a buyer that ordered a new 350Z be happy that without his knowledge, they drove it from 5 hours away and it had 550km on it? Some may not mind, I think a lot of people would be really pissed. He couldn't give me any numbers about what is reasonable. Or at what point he would ask the customer before just making the decision himself?

I asked him whether they followed breakin procedure on the trip and of course he said yes as if he had driven it himself -- but when I asked him what the breakin procedure was, all I got back was a blank expression. He couldn't tell me and neither could the sales guy. Although at one point he called in another guy and asked him (not the guy that drove it) and he gave a robot-like explanation. Fine -- 1 out of 3 ain't bad, but it ain't that good either since they are "car transportation specialists" as the manager kept putting it.

It got pretty ugly for a while. At one point, he had nothing left to say and neither did I -- and we were probably both pissed more about the argument than the actual situation.

Now I'll admit that I made a mistake in letting them prep the car without immediately voicing my concern (it was outside waiting, with plates and everything). The fact is, I didn't even think about the breakin part when I was first told it was driven -- I was a little annoyed that they didn't haul it, but it didn't occur to about breakin until later in the day about the constant RPM thing.

But at this point, after dealer prep etc, the car was registered to me, so if it went back to them, I guess it would be considered a used car and someone was going to take a huge hit.

In the end, we cooled down and started talking again. I realized after the first argument, that since we were talking about them possibly having to sell the truck as used, he was going to fight tooth and nail. Maybe let it go to court or whatever. So -- I might have been a bit picky, but I'm not a mental case.

I got the extended warranty 5 yrs/120,000km, and he agreed to discount it $400 and threw in another 2 free oil changes (for a total of 6 free oil changes).

I had driven in by myself (clearly not having intended to pick it up) so I don't have it yet, and I'm back on Monday morning to drive it home.

Someone I work with recently bought a car and he mentioned that in his agreement, it stipulated the maximum number of km's that would be on the odometer (29 or less, I think it read). I would encourage anyone buying a new car to be sure of a few things:

1. Have the maximum number of km's (or miles) in the agreement -- in the very least, if they have to go somewhere to drive it back, they'll ask you first, in order to change the agreement.
2. Don't put down a large deposit. In fact, don't put down more than $100. They won't let you walk out the door because of it, and it'll be less hassle later if something goes wrong with the deal.
3. Make sure they haven't prepped the car if you have an issue... shocked

Anyway, it's too bad all this happened. I feel bad for my sales guy -- maybe I'll fax a letter to his dealership and Nissan Canada praising him! laugh

The good part about this whole thing is that the OR in Knight Armour is an awesome combo. [ThumbsUp]

Hopefully the bad taste in my mouth about the whole thing goes away quickly! [Spit]