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The sharpness of (Nearby) objects rendered is sufficient that this would have had completely different edges if it had been an actual object.

Judging from its RELATIVE size, had it been a flying object, it would have been so large that if could not have been missed.

This is why it was not noticed at the time, it wasn't there.

I thought of some of the same things you did and so did he, but they are really not adding up.

If it was an artifact of the camera, he snapped a bunch of images at that location at that time, and none has anything remotely resembling what is displayed in this image.

And yes... they were taken with a digital camera (BlueSky).

As for the "relative size" of the supposed object, it would have been many miles away. If it wasn't making a lot of noise and unless your eyes were focused on the object, it could have easily been missed if it were an object traveling at a high rate of speed.

I don't know. I don't know what it is. That is why I posed the question here. I don't want to give the impression that I think it is a craft from another world because personally I don't believe this planet is being visited by crafts or beings from other planets... or any of that type of stuff.

I was just looking to see if someone here had any specialized software that could possibly clarify the object better.

It is about perfectly parallel with the water and has a straight line on the bottom. That kind of rules out a spec of dust or light anomaly. At least I think it does.

At ~ 536 x

At ~ 1,600 x

The web may not be able to show what I can see on the nice big sharp computer screen...but here's what I see when I use high definition blow-up on it:

IF it were traveling at high speed, the blurring is typically predictable, as the image over laps itself as it moves, causing a distinctive trailing effect.

This is not present.

It is transparent at all edges equally, with no trailing edge blurring evident.

IE: If it existed, it was floating there not moving at all.

It should not be transparent either.

If it exists, there should be a shadow from it, opposite the sun...and/or a glare on the side facing the sun....and there isn't.

If its not moving, there should be some pixelation along the edges, as shown for other objects, like the mountains, etc...but more solid pixels in the middle, again, like the mountains, etc.

Instead, it appears transparent, and the appearance of a shape at all is an artifact of the darker pixels merely being close enough to fool the eye into "Connecting the dots".

So, there is nothing there...its an artifact.

There are several other areas of the picture that exhibit the exact same artifact, but their locations do not lend themselves as readily to misinterpretation.

So - This is not a UFO.

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