Well I was driving through a small intersection in a residential area today and I had the right of way. My street didn't have a stop sign but the cross street did. I wasn't going very fast and I actually slowed down and looked to my left for traffic and as I was looking to my right I noticed a blur of red. I collide with a small riced out Honda civic that decided to run his stop. After I realize what just happened I looked over at him and see him throw it in reverse and fly out of there. My truck literally drove over his front end. From what I saw of his front end, it was just demolished. There was fluid from his car mixed with the debris of his front end. As he drove by I started taking numbers down but they quickly became too hard to see. *not being racist* but when I saw the occupants of the vehicle they were both large Mexican men tatted all in the face, neck, and arms. I hopped out of my car to assess the damage done and there was nothing done to my xterra. I was just shocked and amazed. Mostly just pissed that these guys actually just ran like that. Of the debris spread about on the pavement I saw half of his front bumper that was ripped off of his car with a completely intact license plate. I quickly called up the cops and they said they would be out shortly. About 15 minutes after the other car bailed he shows up again with the same friend he was with earlier but this time he was in his friends riced out civic. He starts yelling at me for totaling his ride and I got in his face for a hit and run. He claimed he wasn't running and that he had to get his car back to his house around the corner. I called bullshit and told him I had reported him for a hit and run. He freaks out and actually grabs his half of a bumper, throws it in his friends ride and peels off once more. Shortly after the cop shows up and takes care of business. It was my first accident ever, it could have been a lot worse but I was still pissed. I apologize for the length of this but I just wanted to write it down.

On a very plus side, I had loved my truck before but now after the fact I am just amazed at how well built this truck is. I love it. We hit at a combined speed of at most 30mph and it just held up so well.
What was was and what is is is, and this what is is what's happening right now