Surely this sold ?. It's a tough looking ride !.
You gotta have 4k in suspension & bumpers ?.

I bought my wife one in May of 1999 ( 2000 ). I passed one going down the road, came home and told her "I don't know what I just saw but we are getting one" !. Did a search for new SUV's and there it was.
I called around and found one in Bristol, Tn. They said they had one, white. I said I'll take it. 25k I think. I got there and there were people crawling all over it. I asked for the salesman I talked to, he came up and I told him to move "MY" car, I didn't want all these people all over it. Then he said we don't even know if you qualify. I told him in knew for a fact my credit score was mid 700's.
Fast forward, She wanted a new car this year so I got her a Subaru ( Cool little ride too ) and I'm now the proud owner of one of the first ones. I like it as much today as I did the day we bought it. 80 k miles, Interior is perfect. Small areas on the tailgate are starting to flake off now. I can live with that.
I wouldn't take 10k for it right now. I love it !.
Didn't mean to babble on, coffee buzz is kicking right now !