Checking back in to see if I had been removed for not logging on for a while... smile

Still have the red 1999 Xterra, 208,523 miles and counting.
Has major rust in the rockers, needs a brake line and other brake work done, (doing that now) and needs a new muffler and tail pipe, though the rest of the exhaust is all OEM. Don't drive it much, it's just a backup vehicle for when it snows more than my 2013 Altima can handle.

Bought an electric blue 2012 Pro-4X Xterra with 6 speed manual tranny with 22,000 miles on it in 2013. It now has 79,000 on it.
I got it for a steal! Dealer I bought it from said he could not sell it due to no one knowing how to drive a standard anymore!
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